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Meatball Madness

14 Mar

I was surprised recently to learn that ‘eating clean’ wasn’t just about green juice and limp leaves. After discovering this rather cool little website called The Kitchen Shed I’ve been educated that you can eat cleanly (if you so desire to) and still enjoy meals that seem to be rather at odds with such a notion. Such as Cheese Stuffed Meatballs – no really. Look!

As a big fan of both CHEESE and MEATBALLS (and of course TRYING TO BE HEALTHY) I had to give them a go. Look, this is basically turkey mince, bound with a little pesto and rolled into meatballs into which you press a little square of feta cheese. Easy, even for me.

FullSizeRenderI cooked these in the slow cooker with some homemade pasta sauce, I optimistically dusted with a little flour so they would hopefully keep their shape. I don’t know if flour is ‘eating clean’ I just wanted my little meatballs to stay that way.

11I’m very happy to report that – whilst a little dry – they remained as meatballish as possible (with only a small amount of mushiness).

112Don’t get hung up on the presentation I know it looks like dog food. But they tasted pretty good and the cheesy inside was a nice little surprise.

IMG_5206This is eating clean I can get on board with. No leaves in sight.


Why Did The Mexican Push His Wife Off A Cliff?

4 Oct

That’s a rubbish joke.
Do you know what else is rubbish?
My Mexican night.

I’ve discussed my love for food from this country before here. So I won’t do it again. But I do love it…
I decided a TexMex night was way overdue (and I do love my themed nights) so bought an Old El Paso nachos kit (no sniggers at the back please) and some chicken, corn and rice, I mean how hard could it be to throw all that together?
I also had some hot sauce so knew whatever happened I could just smother everything in that.
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Cheese Stake That Vampire

16 Sep

I’m a bit of a fan girl, if I love a film or TV show I’ll happily buy into the whole thing. I have a Game of Thrones mug (Lannister House of course), Breaking Bad t-shirts and once dressed up as Harry Potter to get into a midnight bookstore opening. So I was very happy to be sent the True Blood: Drinks & Bites Cookbook.
It will go marvellously well with my Merlotte’s Bar & Grill Waitress t-shirt and ‘I Want To Do Bad Things With You’ shopping bag (don’t judge me).
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Alice Celebrates National Burger Day

28 Aug

Or I’m not sure if celebrate is the right word for this?

Yesterday was National Burger Day (special foodstuff, special day) and to mark such a momentous occasion I decided to get some out of the freezer. Well it was actually by co-incidence because it was all that I had but the timing of the date wasn’t lost on me.

(And I really do love a burger, I can’t get enough of these new, trendy burger joints springing up all over the place. Although I can’t resist telling these new young upstarts that some of us have actually been eating burgers for years)

And so I give to you… my dear readers… this:
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