Witches Hats on Trial for Halloween

1 Nov


I love Halloween, I love it!

I probably love it more than the rest of the family sadly but they usually humour me. I’ll happily take on anything related to the season and so was happy to be sent these fun little Witches Hat Cake Pops by Asda. I have had great successes in the past with these baking kits (no really they work for those of us who aren’t natural bakers!) but was even more delighted to discover that no actual baking or cooking was involved. Nope, you didn’t even have to turn the oven on but you could still make something quite sweet and impressive and of course fun for the kids to make too.


All these little hats needed was some butter from your own kitchen and you’re off. Mix the cocoa crumb with softened butter and then shape into the provided wafer cones. Fashion some of the mix into the hat brims (not as easy as described) and leave to set in the fridge with the little skewers inserted into them – the box is a handy holder here.

Then spread with melted chocolate before adding some little edible white stars and abracadabra – Halloween witch hats that taste surprisingly lovely and it looks like some actual effort went into them, when it didn’t.

Now that’s magic!




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  1. alyson difranco 18/12/2014 at 5:50 pm #

    I am a producer with The Meredith Vieira show and we are putting together a segment I was hoping your blog could help me cast. We are doing a very fun, light-hearted, upbeat segment called, “My daughter-in-law can’t cook.” We are looking for inlaws to nominate their son’s wife or partner for a “cooking makeover.”

    The guests would appear on the show and talk about why she isn’t the best cook and then we’ll pair her up with a top, celebrity chef to have one-on-one cooking lessons.

    I was hoping there was an email list where you could send out our request to see if any of your members would be interested!

    If we book somebody through you, (or if you yourself would be interested!) we can of course reference your blog on the show!

    Would love to work with you! Please call or email with questions.

    Alyson DiFranco


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