Some Summer Holiday Success

4 Sep

Thank goodness it’s all over, am I right mums?
Yes the little loves are finally back to school and no more days spent looking for something to do.
Of course some of those long summer days had to involve cooking – it’s a conspiracy, adverts everywhere talking about easy recipes you can make with the kids, bored children wanting to ‘make cakes with mummy’, it drives me mad but we did partake.

And so here I share with you two actual things that worked out for us this summer holiday!
First up we made these weird ice cream cone cupcakes that came from a £2.50 Asda ready made kit. The fun was more in the making of them because they actually tasted SO SWEET they were inedible. The dog however absolutely loved them:
photo 2-1

And then there was the advert on the TV suggesting we could freeze yogurt into cold, fruity treats, it seemed far too simple to be true, but it really was. My son and I spooned out little dollops of a rather boring strawberry yogurt onto some foil and popped them in the freezer with some toppings, he chose tic-tacs and I chose raspberries.
Going in:
photo 1-2
photo 3

And here are they are after about an hour in the freezer:



photo 2-2

photo 4


The tic tac ones worked better than the fruit ones because frozen raspberries aren’t great – who knew?

The process of freezing made a rather dull fat free yogurt taste weirdly luxurious and creamy.

I became so happy with my new simple summer holiday cooking (or freezing) that I went a bit mad and made loads. After the initial tasting session my son got a bit bored and declared he didn’t want them anymore and so I now have lots left over. Which reminds me I am glad once more the holidays have finished….




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