Internet self diagnosis creates bread in a kettle

4 Apr


I bought a new kettle yesterday (go me!)
But after rinsing and boiling said kettle through a few times there was still a nasty, metallic taste to my tea this morning. So I looked at a few ‘kettle self help’ threads on those very useful mums forums and the like and all recommended that I boil the kettle through again with a couple of spoonfuls of Bicarbonate of Soda in it.

Now I don’t have any Bicarb of Soda (why would I?) but I do have some Baking Powder and knowing it contained the same thing thought that would do just as well. I loaded up the kettle (the baking powder was nearly a year out of date so put in double) and switched it on.

Sitting back down to work not thinking that I had set in motion what amounted to little more than a probably dangerous experiment I forgot all about it. Until… a gap in the music had me questioning whether or not I had put a wash on? I was sure I hadn’t but the sound from the kitchen was very loud. Oh yes the kettle. Running into the kitchen:
kettleStopping to take a picture (because: funny) this is what greeted me. The picture doesn’t fully capture the scale of the noise, the steam, the bright white bubbles spewing

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forth and the boiling liquid all over the floor and covering every electrical wire and plug socket in the kitchen.

All those new tea towels you can see were put to good use cleaning up the mess. After mopping up all the bubbly water I took a look inside my kettle – a thick spongy white substance had grown all over the inside, the baking powder had

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only bloody started baking! Now I have had to rinse it and boil it out again about fifteen times to get rid of what is probably a new breed of bagel or something and the water still tastes metallic. Damn those self help threads, you should never try to diagnose anything over the internet should you?

BUT – my kitchen smells beautiful of freshly baked bread, which is a novelty in my house indeed.


3 Responses to “Internet self diagnosis creates bread in a kettle”

  1. Jenny Davies 04/04/2014 at 1:19 pm #

    If Baking Powder and Bicarbonate of Soda were the same thing, one might usually come to the conclusion that they’d be universally known to be the same thing. Which they’re not. Baking Powder contains additional ingredients, which following a consultation with Wikipedia, can be described as “Most commercially available baking powders are made up of sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda or bicarbonate of soda) and one or more acid salts. Typical formulations (by weight) call for 30% sodium bicarbonate, 5-12% monocalcium phosphate, and 21-26% sodium aluminium sulfate. The last two ingredients are acidic: they combine with the sodium bicarbonate and water to produce the gaseous carbon dioxide. The use of two acidic components is the basis of the term “double acting.” A classical acid that is also common is cream of tartar, a derivative of tartaric acid. Baking powders also include components to help with the consistency and stability of the mixture”. So it would seem you not only had boiling water, you had also concocted a boiling acidic mixture. My advice is to either throw in a couple of eyes of newt and tongues of toad, or get a new kettle. 😉

    • Alice Can't Cook 14/04/2014 at 11:01 am #

      Thanks Jenny, honestly I didn’t understand half of that but I know you are right. *hangs head*
      I washed the kettle – washed it! – and it’s actually now fine so maybe I will just steer clear of old wives remedies on the internet and try and be normal. Or yes get some newt eyes and toad tongues because they sound good for a stew? XX


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