Hath no man’s dagger here a point for me?

13 Mar

They say a bad workman blames his tools right? Well sometimes I swear I am hampered in the kitchen by my choice of implements – in fact I have a whole sub-category dedicated to just this subject called ‘Undone by my Utensils‘.

Part of being able to cook well has to surely be picking the right tool for the job? Well I do pick badly sometimes which is why I end up with slow cooked pasta, omelettes the circumference of teabags and citrus zest the size of wood shavings.

This has been brought into sharp relief recently when pondering my choice of knife… I usually favour a very small, blunt serrated edged knife which I have had since I was a student. I use it for everything and have NEVER sharpened it. But I have never known any other way and so continue to hack away at bread, vegetables, envelopes and raw meat with it oblivious to the fact I am probably letting myself down.

When my husband and I merged our stuff part of his contribution was a set of rather flashy, expensive knives which lie in our messy big cutlery drawer and never touched by myself. However, recently after one knicked finger too many I started looking about for an alternative to my trusty blade and seized upon one of these knives and set about an onion with it….

Well – take a look at this:
knifeUnbeknownst to me my husband keeps these sharp and in tip top shape, so much so that it made short work of that onion, in fact I fairly flew through it just like they do on the TV. I almost felt professional!

Just look at the power glinting off that sliver of metal, vegetables surely bow down at the sight.
My poor little student knife has been sent to the great dagger graveyard in the sky…


Can you help Alice?

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