Let Them Eat Waste? What’s The Pig Idea?

20 Nov

Here’s a good idea – cut down on food waste by feeding it to pigs.
Sadly I waste a lot of food, not because I am just a bad shopper (although I can be) but because I’m a terrible cook. And I hate it. I can’t bear throwing anything away.

Just imagine how much food is wasted not just by us in our homes but by restaurants, companies and shops? It’s not good when you consider how expensive food is these days and how supplies are running low globally.

The Pig Idea is a movement calling for pigs to be fed on surplus food rather than new commercially produced crops that humans could eat and that put pressure on the environment. They’ve reared 8 pigs in London on food waste from local restaurants and companies such as brewers grains, whey and unwanted fruit and veg to prove the EU ban feeding catering waste to pigs is a bit silly. It might sound nasty to us but not to the pigs!

Of course it is better for us humans to eat as much surplus food as we can but feeding it livestock such as pigs and chickens is the next best option rather than turning it into waste.

If you are in London tomorrow (Thurs 21st) there is a big (pig) event taking place in Trafalgar Square from midday to raise awareness of food

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waste and how it’s best used as livestock feed. Big name chefs and celebrities (including my favourite Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall) will be there to show of their cooking and plenty of piggy activites for the kids.

Let Them Eat Waste!
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