Happy Halloween: Those Jelly Worms Don’t Work

31 Oct

I’ve been hearing a lot about these ‘Jelly Worms’ recently – a great looking pile of bloody worms that are really made from jelly shaped by bendy straws – it’s the sort of photo recipe that is shared on Facebook a lot. Oooh look at this simple, fun idea that anyone can do and will really make your Halloween go with a swing kind of thing…

It had been suggested to me by various people that I at least give it a go. And so I did, last night on the Eve of All Hallows Eve I prepped my items.
Sadly Toys R Us didn’t sell normal straws, they only had these massively long novelty neon ones which seemed a rather expensive investment for Jelly Worms, but beggars can’t be choosers etc.
As they were far too long for even the longest non-arthropod invertebrate I had to chop them all into three. And because it was nearly Halloween I DID IT WITH A BLUNT CLEAVER. Well this was only because my kitchen scissors were in the dishwasher but it did add a certain frisson to proceedings:
photo 1Of course all of the straws were now bent and carved into different lengths but the essential hollow shape was still the same so I made up some jelly. Lime Green for effect. Stupidly I put the cold water into the hot water before the jelly cubes had time to dissolve so had to wait for over an hour for it all to become liquid.
But soon I was ready to make some worms.
I sellotaped up my bunches of straws and propped them up into a tall plastic jug. I got excited.
I poured the jelly through my straws and it all pooled into the bottom of the jar.
photo 2Inside the straws there was none. No Jelly!
Even if I had put this in the fridge to set overnight all I would have been left with was a jar shaped jelly full of little straw sized holes. Everything went in the bin.

This Halloween morning I found a green jelly like substance coating my kitchen surfaces, like a rubbery ectoplasm. Had we been

visited in the night? No, the plastic jar has a crack in it, my jelly had leaked and coated everything it had touched, overnight it had set.

Remind me never to work with jelly again or buy into those food memes. Happy Halloween.


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