Oh dear, Olives!

24 Jul

No, don’t laugh,

I do actually feed my family this stuff.

Cooking up a bit of simple chicken with some green pesto (love me a bit of pesto) I wasn’t sure what to add to it, I had no suitable vegetables so looking in the fridge I seized on a pot of green salad olives.
Same colour – it’s got to work right?
Pesto1Wrong! Olives, pesto and chicken do not go together.
Well not when made by me.
I mean who enjoys really hot green olives?
I did however manage to make a colour co-ordinated oily mess. (I do like my colour themed meals)
Pesto2All of this was quite nice when the olives had been shoved to one side.

When it comes to adding inappropriate ingredients to meals I’m a pro – for the time I added a tub of peanut butter into some chicken see here!


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