Top Toad!

24 Jun

A few of you may remember the last time I made toad in the hole, and my made my dog sick?
Well, still smarting from that particular episode I knew the experiment wasn’t over. I had to revisit toad in the

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hole and make it mine once and for all. So… here we go again… dog help us all.

Sausages lightly fried and emptied into a cooking tin, a well mixed batter applied to the top:
toadPut in the oven long enough so that the batter cooks this time:
toad1Erm, that was easy. Not quite sure why I had so much trouble with it last time.
I’m sure I could still do with a bit of help with presentation though? Or maybe I just need bigger plates?
toad3Would you look at the size of that.
Funnily enough there was plenty left for the dog too, and he didn’t throw it back up this

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time. Which is a good measure of success I’d say?


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