A Little Pasta Philanthropy

5 Jun

There are some good people in the world, people who take note of the plight of others and act upon it.
People who read my blog and think they might be able to help me out – or even help my son out and save him from badly presented and probably unhealthy dinners!

Look, I wasn’t the one who nearly served my boy up raw turkey rasher sandwiches because I thought they were ham ok?
It was my husband (true story).

little2 But anyway… those kind folk at Little Dish felt that I could maybe do with some help and sent me this rather nice hamper so that we could try out their new fresh filled pasta and sauce range.

I couldn’t really go wrong as the pasta is added to boiling water and the sauce (which is full of hidden vegetables but actually tastes just like lovely tomatoes) is warmed up on the hob.
And I didn’t go wrong, see here (complete with added Parmesan):
little3Son was very happy with his tasty, grown up pasta meal – and so was I because it wasn’t his usual veggie hotdogs or meatballs in ketchup AND I got to eat what he’d left behind.
Thanks Little Dish, you are good people.


One Response to “A Little Pasta Philanthropy”

  1. Jenny Eatwell 05/06/2013 at 5:15 pm #

    Well isn’t that just perfect? 🙂 Your son gets to have a lovely pasta dinner – and I know how kids love pasta – and you get to bask in the glow of his approval. It just doesn’t get any better than that. 😀 Lovely!

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