Don’t Play With Your Food, Or Do

10 Apr

Just a little update on my son’s recent meals, since my last post about them (do go back and read it if you want to know how to boil hotdogs or create seaweed from cheese).

Purists will be glad to know that I have managed to source and slice some buns for those easy dogs:
kids1Looks like a proper meal almost now doesn’t it? He still picked the

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sausages out of the rolls and discarded them. Oh well, he’s used to them without.

And recently we had some quorn meatballs in the freezer, unsure on how to incorporate them into an edible pasta dish for him I fried them. Then realised he’d need something other than just meatballs, maybe a sauce?
But what do you give a 5year old who won’t entertain anything tomatoey?
Well tomato sauce of course. So here I give you my meatballs fried in ketchup:
kids2It worked too!

And inspired by my recent underwater scenes created lovingly out of cheese, peas and fish dippers we have taken our skill out of doors and created this little pile of loveliness in a noodle restaurant.
My boy loved it. I was trying to win a trip to Japan:



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