Hot Cross Rock Cake Drop Scone Buns For Easter

2 Apr

Easter. Another excuse to make and eat lots of things that you wouldn’t any other week of the year.
Such as Mini Eggs, Simnel Cake (what is that anyway?)

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and hot cross buns!
I’ve never made hot cross buns before, and after this week I probably never will again…
I had seen others touting their seasonal wares on my various social media outlets and thought I should give it a go too. So Easter Saturday my son and I set to in the kitchen using a recipe posted by Nigella. I promised him by that afternoon we would have some lovely hot, fragrant steamy buns to break over our tea time drinks.

I started off following the recipe to the letter, infusing warm milk with cardamom and orange zest (although I had forgotten the cloves – so maybe not exactly to the letter) and then adding it to eggs, flour and dried fruit to make a dough.
Eas1And here is where I became really excited because I got to use the dough hooks on my hand-held mixer, previously untouched I thrust them into my mix and gave it a good whizz. BAM! After I had cleaned myself, my son, the kitchen and dog up – wow that floury mixed fruit really does get everywhere doesn’t it? – I turned the settings down and set about turning the mess into dough in a more methodical matter. It grew and it grew.
Eas2It kept climbing up the hooks and trying to get out of the bowl. It was turning into a bit of an arsey bastard if I’m honest. After battling for a few minutes the dough pulled them hooks right out of the mixer and into the mixture! Scary.
Eas3I thought about leaving them in there for a bit, before releasing them and carrying on by hand. I eventually tamed the dough into a suitable ball and excitedly informed my son we could now start forming our buns. I referred back to the recipe.
“Put the dough into the fridge overnight to prove” What? Overnight? We wanted our buns today.
Oh well, sorry son, we’ll have to wait. He hates waiting.
I didn’t have any clingfilm so put some foil over the top and hoped for the best. I went out that night and my son went to bed.
The next morning, tired and hungover I found this in the fridge:
Eas4Oh yes, hot cross buns, must get those done. It was now mid way through Easter Sunday morning and we’d soon be out of the accepted window in which we could eat them.
Son and I continued, our enthusiasm slightly dampened and my brain slightly less capable of deciphering the recipe.
Right, pinch off some balls and form into a bun shape, pop on a baking sheet and score with crosses. AND THEN COVER WITH A TEATOWEL TO PROVE FOR ANOTHER HOUR. What? Really? What else does this stuff have to prove?
OK fine, sorry son, still no buns.
After the elapsed time (cup of tea and a bath) I went back to them – nothing had really changed and they certainly hadn’t risen anymore (I have previous with expecting Easter related things to rise and not) but I ploughed on applying a little mixture of flour, sugar and water to make the crosses on top.
Eas5It’s a bit cack-handed I know, but you can make out a cross on some of them. I had flirted with the idea of putting on little initials and symbols but as you can see a simple combo of two straight lines is beyond me.
Finally they went into the oven, only a day late, but I was quietly confident and excited. My son had lost interest and disappeared off.
I called him back to see the final result and when he saw these he disappeared again, quite disgusted he had wasted quite so much of his time on them.
Eas6OK, they don’t exactly look like hot cross buns, they looked like rock cakes when they came out but soon deflated into drop scones, but they did taste like they were meant to. So I present my hot cross bun flavoured rock cakes cum drop scones. Voila!

These were taken round a friend’s house for Easter Sunday lunch that day, most people tried them and declared they actually weren’t too bad. However I feel they all might have been so drunk they weren’t sure what they were eating or were probably just being nice.
I have yet to try one, it’s not Easter now so I don’t really fancy a hot cross bun or anything remotely like it.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter spread and ate loads. You might have even enjoyed a hot cross bun?
I’m buying mine next year. It’s quicker. x

UPDATE: I tried to toast the last remaining buns today for my son’s tea and look what happened… Sake!



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