Hamming It Up

12 Dec

Look, this is my favourite meal of all time (that I can make myself).
Hot ham with marrowfat peas and a sauce.
I confess to it here too! All true.
hamNe’er has there been such a bland and pallid looking meal…
It looks like something you’d be served in a 1970’s sitcom.

The ham was already cooked but I boiled it up anyway so it was good and rubbery, I microwaved those tinned marrowfat peas so hard they popped out of their shell-like skins and made that sloppy white sauce from a packet using skimmed milk to make sure it was really thin and weak.

I love it.

My favourite meal of all time (that I can’t make myself) is Macaroni Cheese, also rather meek and mild.


One Response to “Hamming It Up”

  1. Jenny Davies 20/12/2012 at 10:19 am #

    I tell you what – I’d eat that meal. Ham and peas? Oh yes indeedy – and with a sauce to smooth the way? Well, that’s clinched the deal. 🙂

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