Food Through The Post! Swiss Bliss

30 Nov

I’ve been lucky with my #foodiepenpals so far – one from Belgium in October and one from Switzerland this month.

After telling my new Swiss pal – the lovely Lucie from FitSwissChick – that I sadly didn’t like chocolate too much (not even from Switzerland) she put together a package of alternative, traditional foodstuffs for me. As you may know I love eating food you can’t buy in the UK:
Look – that’s a

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pot of fondue cheese! You just heat it up in the microwave and dip things into it (vegetables, meat, biscuits, fingers). I love melted gooey cheese. Why don’t we have these in my supermarket up the road?
(Maybe because I’d be the size of a house if they did? Phew, thanks supermarkets).

Also included some lovely little Ricola, sweet cakes, nougat, a swiss yogurt (of course) and some nuts mixed with Lucie’s own curry herb mix (and rather feisty it was too).

Knowing I have a small son Lucie kindly included a treat for him too with this little packet of Minor Chocolates:
Look at those, like little jewels…
It would have been rude not to try one, or two? With a cup of tea? They’d come so far!
In fact, sadly not one of these made it into the hands of my own little ‘Minor’.

Thanks Lucie, sorry son, maybe I do like chocolate after all?
But you see that it what Foodie Penpals is all about – learning!

More FoodiePenpals goodness next time – can’t

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wait. And if you can’t either then check out #foodiepenpals on Twitter for other posts. If you want your own FoodiePenpal full details can be found here – hosted by the UK representative This is Rock Salt.


One Response to “Food Through The Post! Swiss Bliss”

  1. swissfitchick 30/11/2012 at 9:19 am #

    Wonderful!! So glad you liked the stuff!!! Have a great weekend, love from Switzerland

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