You Say Frittata, I Say FrittaNO

25 Sep

I’ve made a frittata.
Well, I think I have?
I might have just made a rubbish omelette.
I’m not sure.

There was some spinach in my veg box this week and ordinarily I would let it go yellow and crispy before throwing away. But no, not this week… I put ‘spinach recipes’ into the Internet and up came a frittata! I also had eggs and feta cheese in the fridge so I was all set.

I put the spinach in a frying pan to ‘wilt’ or ‘burn to a blackened crisp’ as I like to call it. Boy – that stuff cooks fast right? You just need to show it to a pan and it’s done.
OK, I put some more spinach into the frying pan to wilt this time AFTER whisking up the eggs and herbs and crumbling the cheese. (Lesson learnt)

I then added the eggy mix to the slimy leaves and sort of shook the pan about a bit before adding the cheese to the top.
So far so good.
It still looked like scrambled eggs with bits in and I was a bit nervous about putting the whole shebang into the oven but I followed the recipe and after a few minutes this is what came out:
What the hell has happened to my pan? I’m going to get into trouble for that.
And why has it shrunk so much? I swear it covered the whole bottom when it went in.

It has kind of risen and fluffed up a bit. And there is minimal scorching to the leaves (go me)but it is little more than a glorified omelette… with bits in.
Tasted like it too.


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