A Half Decent Banana Bread

18 Jul

My son is still insistent that I cook with him on a regular basis, honestly I don’t know why he still bothers with me. A classic case of the journey being more important than the outcome obviously. But I mean bless him I have made him cry countless times thanks to my bad baking.

This week he wanted to make a big cake, I had some bananas going brown in the fruit bowl and you know how I feel about my fruit surfeit… so Banana Bread it was!

I found a fairly easy looking recipe online, but this also used plain flour and after my hideous sunken cakes from last week I decided to add absolutely LOADS of baking powder, I mean at least three spoonfuls and then a little bit more. No, this banana baby was rising up out of that tin. (Unlike my previous attempt at a loaf, oh and this one too)

Everything was going well until I had to add some lemon juice to some milk before adding to eggs and butter. Was it meant to curdle like this?
I’m not sure.
I quickly added it to the flour mix and then the bananas. It soon soaked all that bitty liquid up no worries!

I had quite a bit of mixture left so after pouring halfway into my greased tin I decided to make some little tiny cupcakes with the rest.
I popped a glace cherry into each case, not letting my boy see me do it so it would be a little surprise for him:
The loaf cooked for an HOUR while I hopped around nervously.
Thankfully a fairly decent loaf came out of the oven and some cute little cakes too (that

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only took fifteen mins):
Look! It has risen, it looks almost real.
AND it came out of the tin ok, no sticking at all (but then I had used vegetable oil to grease the tin and loads of that too)
It was a little dense and not that sweet and seems to still be a bit damp (this is three days ago now).

But the little cakes worked out quite well, although my son declared he didn’t like cherries ‘hidden on the inside’. Who knew?


3 Responses to “A Half Decent Banana Bread”

  1. Bill (bass) 19/07/2012 at 7:46 am #

    I’ve always thought glade cherries were over rated especially when I was a kid. How about chocolate drops?

    • Alice Can't Cook 23/07/2012 at 11:10 am #

      Well to be honest Bill I agree with you, choc drops would have worked MUCH better with the banana flavour. But… then I don’t think like that when I am cooking, like a chef, I just don’t. x


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    […] made me think about replacements for items I would normally buy. I also sent her a couple of my banana bread cupcakes! I’ve been assured she liked them, unlike my own […]

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