They Are Not Risen

14 Jul

So my son’s new school were having a picnic this week, my boy decided he would like to take some cupcakes with him (about an hour before we were due to go).
He loves making little cakes so we set to it. Sadly I was out of self-raising flour but had plenty of plain. I found a recipe for something called ‘Easter Cakes’ that used plain flour, as well as the usual butter, eggs, baking powder and caster sugar. They looked just like cupcakes. All good. I know it’s July but we got going, no one would need to know they were Easter Cakes.

I didn’t even take pics of us getting the cakes together so sure was I that everything would turn out ok.

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followed the recipe to the absolute letter – I didn’t go off piste once. I didn’t experiment, I didn’t cut corners.
But I still made these:
These flat, sunken sorry excuses for cakes were rubbish. They look like yorkshire puddings.
Even my son said ‘they don’t look very good do they?’
Why suggest using plain flour in a recipe if it is not going to work? Look, I’m not making it up:
Surely Easter cakes more than any other should rise? Unless the recipe was written by an extremely secular chef who doesn’t believe anything should rise at Easter? Not Jesus, and certainly not my cakes.
Or maybe some higher authority deemed my cakes not fit for consumption for parading as Easter cakes when it is clearly the wrong month?

I broke every one open just in case I could see a simulacrum of a holy bearded face in any of them. At least I would have made something back out of them on eBay?

We took some Dairylea Dunkers to the picnic. Suitable any time of the year.


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