Sophie Dahl’s Surfeit of Fruit Mash

4 Jul

I always seem to have loads of fruit left over from my Fruit & Veg Boxes.

This week saw a surfeit of plums and peaches slowly going off in the fruit bowl. Annoyed at having to throw away another lot of stuff I decided to act like a cook and make something out of them.
You know I have trouble with puddings but how hard could a compote be? Whip one up and then whip it into some natural yogurt… an easy and healthy tea for the whole family right?

I found a recipe online written by Sophie Dahl for an easy plum compote. (Isn’t she a model?)
Anyway, she stated that you just needed to add the fruit to some boiling water (stones removed) and caster sugar, throwing in some cinnamon sticks and star anise. Seemed easy enough.

I took the stones out of my soft fruit and cut into chunks. I also tried to peel them – surely skin doesn’t feature in a compote but no one mentioned it so I left some on the peaches because they weren’t giving theirs up without a fight. I hoped to be able to skim the skin off later.

I put it

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all together – sadly I had no star anise and only ground cinnamon but thought that would do. Also I ran out of the required amount of caster sugar so added in some agave syrup telling myself that was healthier anyway.

Here it is simmering away:
That attractive scum is the powdered cinnamon, well I think it is. Best look away, I’m not sure.

It never really changed from this. At all. Even after fifteen minutes of simmering.
So I siphoned off the juicy water (which I started to drink, but then thought better of it as it was basically liquid sugar), put the still virtually whole fruit into a dish and then used a potato masher on it. Sophie Dahl didn’t mention a potato masher but I created this:
So you know, I think her recipe is lacking because of it?

This sweet mush was stirred into a yogurt and tasted rather nice. My husband asked where the crunchy base was but I explained it was a more fluid dessert. The mashed potato of the pudding world.
My son wasn’t sure but tucked in after I assured him it was ‘just like nursery afters’.

Oddly there seems to be no skin at all, does it disappear? Did it boil away? Sophie didn’t mention anything about that either.

I still have loads left though, no one wanted seconds.
In fact I now have a surfeit of Surfeit Compote.


3 Responses to “Sophie Dahl’s Surfeit of Fruit Mash”

  1. Dan Wilson 04/07/2012 at 9:51 pm #

    I will relieve you of a bowl. Sounds pretty good to me.

  2. Alice Can't Cook 05/07/2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Dan, I so wish I had seen this first thing before I threw the damned stuff out. I would have honestly left a bowl on your doorstep.


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