Curry Worry

21 May

Curry. The nation’s favourite dish apparently. One of mine too.
Annoyingly my husband cooks a fantastic curry. He even makes his own mix of spices (which I am not allowed to use).

I know it’s easy to order them and have nice chaps bring them to your home but when you’re trying to be healthy or save cash what could be better than making one yourself?

As part of my Veg Box Challenge I decided to make a vegetarian version for myself one night.
How hard could it be?
I dry fried broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, onions in a wok with plenty of spices and chilli.

I appreciated the lovely aroma and sight of lots of fresh veggies cooking away.

I watched them scorch and go black round the edges.
Realising that you can’t really dry-fry anything so that it cooks without burning I added some water.

I made some yellow mush.
No one ate this.

But still… one forgets, one moves on.

I recently bought some lovely strips of duck breast and remembered a gorgeous, dark Massaman curry I’d had in a Thai restaurant.
Maybe I could make one at home?
With no hope of creating my own authentic spice mix I bought a paste which suggested I team up the meat with some potatoes for an unctuous thick curry. Sold to the lady who can’t cook!

I carefully followed the (sparse) instructions on the back of the packet: adding water to the paste, potatoes, onions and duck and simmering.
The pan of curry merrily bubbled away filling the kitchen with lovely smells while I heated up some breads and microwaved the rice (don’t judge me, I have rice issues)

But it looked like brown soup.  It just wouldn’t thicken up.
I simmered it low, I boiled it high.
The delicate duck turned into leather strips.
How the potatoes held their shape I’ll never know.

Were the instructions lost in translation?
How do you make things that you add water to thicken up?

Eventually I added chicken gravy granules just so we weren’t eating ingredients swimming in brown water. It thickened up sharpish but then of course tasted less like curry and more like a stew.
Still looks a bit like soup though right?
Duck soup.

Needless to say the dog loved it, well more than my vegetarian one.

Where’s that delivery menu?


2 Responses to “Curry Worry”

  1. Bill 21/05/2012 at 3:32 pm #

    Oh my golly gosh.

    • Alice Can't Cook 28/05/2012 at 11:39 am #

      Bill. I know.

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