Knock The Stuffing Out Of That Pepper!

23 Apr

I know I haven’t updated my Vegetable Box Challenge recently – and that’s because I am unable to adhere to my own rules. How mad is that? I made them up myself!

Anyway, I’m still getting the boxes, the contents of which add to my daily cooking dilemma.
I’ve recently had some rather fine looking red peppers. Usually I would just chop these up and serve raw with some shop bought houmous (well you can’t go wrong can you?) but no I thought I would attempt to escalate from crudités and recreate that most popular of dishes offered to vegetarians by restaurants: The Stuffed Pepper.

First up I bought some stuffing mix. You stuff peppers with stuffing I thought? The clue is in the name!
Then here is what I did:

  • Hollowed out the peppers
  • Brushed them with olive oil
  • Made up the herby, breadcrumb mix with boiling water
  • Stuffed the peppers with it and stood them up
  • Put it all in a hot oven

I checked an hour later and not only had they fallen over but the stuffing mix had grew. The peppers were slimy and swollen with stuff.
They tasted of very little. The stuffing was also a bit dry and dusty inside. I think I’d overstuffed my stuffed pepper.

I tried again, I certainly didn’t want to use ordinary stuffing this time. Paxo should

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only be reserved for chicken dinners.

I looked in a cookery book (I know right) and discovered a cheesy rice mixture recipe using wild rice. OK, now I have a lot of trouble with rice but I followed the instructions carefully for this new-fangled wild rice and here it is simmering away:
Attractive black scum huh?

I added some cheese to the cooked rice and again I stuffed my pepper. Again I think I overstuffed it because again it had fallen over and grown to twice its size.
In fact this is not so much a stuffed pepper as a pepper being used as an edible bowl for some rice.

It tasted good though (which as my hypnotherapist friend Claire from UnstuckThinking always says is the most important thing!), I think because I had just added a shed load of cheese, and what doesn’t taste good smothered in cheese?

Next time I stuff a pepper I might dispense with everything other than cheese. No Paxo, no scummy rice.
Maybe I’ll leave out the cooking as well so it isn’t too slimy.
Serve it up with some dip.



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