Cupid’s Cupcakes Fooled By Strawberries

13 Feb

Regular readers will know I don’t have a great track record with cakes, especially cupcakes. Insidious little things that apparently now just form part of daily life. No event, party, day or life is complete without them. I hate them.

But you have to make them, especially if you have a child who delights in their intricate, tasty nature and who is obsessed with making them.

As it is Valentine’s Day this week I will share with you my Pink Strawberry Cupcake Recipe.
These little beauties were made  by my son and I last year:
Don’t they look super? Don’t they look romantic? A delightful surprise for those you love?

The recipe is all my own and created because I happened to have a lot of strawberries in the house.
Make up a light cake recipe as you normally would, but replace half of the sugar and liquid with mashed up strawberries (just fold into the mix before baking). It becomes delightfully pink!

After rising and cooling, top them off with a little bit of strawberry jam, a slice of strawberry and some icing sugar. Even make some small ones for the small ones in the family.


What taste?
Oh right so apparently adding a load of barely ripe, out of season strawberries into a cake mix does not a strawberry cake make?

In fact because of the lack of sugar they didn’t even taste sweet, let alone fruity. I’m not sure what I was thinking!

Still, my son obligingly ate a couple of the tiny ones but only because he wanted to lick the jam. After I had explained what had happened my husband said he would ‘try one later’ but never did. The dog didn’t even come into the kitchen, the lack of cooking smells had fooled him into thinking that no such thing was going on.

As we were going out that night I left them out for the babysitters, telling them to enjoy them as a Valentine’s Night treat. They looked excitedly at the pinky, strawberry treats and promised there would be hardly any left for the family! I told them not to worry and get stuck in.

When we came home two tiny cakes were gone. Out of politeness.

The rest went in the bin.

However, I don’t think I can be blamed. The next morning I made a smoothie out of the remaining strawberries, adding in a banana and some yogurt and that didn’t taste of anything either.  So….

But I do wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, if you are cooking for a loved one, or even yourself, just remember – don’t fool around with out-of-season fruits! No one’s friend, and certainly no-one’s lover.

Lots of Love! x


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