Veg Box Hell – Number Four

7 Dec

So, my new box is here. Let’s find out what happened to my last one!

Remember the fortnightly veg box challenge is as follows:

  • Use up everything in the box
  • Try out at least one of the suggested recipes
  • Don’t just boil the vegetables
  • Attempt a fruit pudding

And it’s actually harder than I thought…

The suggested recipe I tried out was stuffed onions and it was a complete disaster! I don’t even have a picture of the finished result so hastily were they swept into the bin. Suffice to say I am not cut out to cut holes in slippy, hot onions and fill them with a tasty breadcrumb mix… but I am able to cut myself with a knife and cover onions in blood before losing a couple under the kitchen units (one is still there).

I was so upset at losing my onions that I bought some more to replace them and made a rather more suitable sausage casserole with them. Well I say casserole, but I am not really sure what constitutes a casserole so I made sausage surprise (thanks Jean from EastEnders).

Put chopped red onions in with some sausages, tomato puree, mustard, a spoon of mango chutney (on the spot inspiration), warm water and some smoked paprika into a dish like this:

Put it all in the oven then go and have a bath for 40 minutes, and then you’ll have this:

Surprise! It’s food and it’s edible and it’s made by me. Tasted ok too.

The carrots, parsnips and potatoes were once again used in a Sunday roast made by my husband so I can’t take any credit for their use. And happily he took the celeriac off my hands to make a vegetable curry which meant I didn’t have to deal with the bloody thing again. Praise be, no Pernod flavoured baby mush for me this week.

But I was left with the fruit pudding conundrum. As we had already eaten the satsumas by the time I had got round to thinking about a pud I only had the apples left. I also had some almonds in the cupboard and thought about a flan. I could only find a recipe for a plum based affair but thought my apples would do just as well. And I managed to create THIS:

I know, I know I can hardly believe it myself. But it’s true, look at it. Only a mild browning and no sinkage. Sadly the apples were a little sour and undercooked (maybe I should have sweated them a bit first?) but I don’t care what it tasted like just LOOK AT IT!

And so my new box, here it is:

This is all good for me, I love broccoli and mushrooms and I’m sure I could sort something good out for them! Not too sure about kiwi fruit though, can you cook those?

Kiwi casserole? Stuffed kiwi?


7 Responses to “Veg Box Hell – Number Four”

  1. Claire 07/12/2011 at 5:06 pm #

    Your frangipane looks awesome! Why don’t you try a banoffee pie for your fruit pudding? Cxx

    • mike 07/12/2011 at 5:22 pm #

      I cant describe what sausage surprise looks like before cooking. I actually had to squint at the screen to try to make out what the hell it was. I thought it was some weird art school project before I realised it was ‘food’. The cooked version looks good though.

      • Alice Can't Cook 08/12/2011 at 12:03 pm #

        Oh Mike, I’ll admit on the screen it almost looks a bit rude! Or like an experiment. Tasted ok though! x

    • Alice Can't Cook 08/12/2011 at 12:02 pm #

      Thanks Claire – so that’s what its called???? Not sure its meant to be made with apples!

      I love banoffe pie, great idea! thank you, might give it a go but the toffee might explode! Do you have a recipe that works you can post?

  2. Jenny Eatwell 16/12/2011 at 5:28 pm #

    Alice, re. the toffee for the Banoffee pie – you don’t need to worry about boiling a can of Condensed milk for hours, because you can get ready-made toffee from Carnation. 🙂 It’s called Dulce du Leche and should be available pretty much everywhere. So that makes your Banoffee Pie easy peasy!


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