Veg Box Hell – Number Three

21 Nov

I have a new fruit and veg box!
So lets find out what happened to the last one…

Remember the rules are:

  • Use up everything in the box
  • Try out at least one of the suggested recipes
  • Don’t just boil the vegetables
  • Attempt a fruit pudding

Firstly the kale. Now, I know I have eaten this before and I know I am not a fan. But I was quite happy to keep an open mind and give it another go. I just needed to think what to do with it. So I took it out of the box and popped it on the shelf for a couple of days while I pondered… On returning to it less than 48hrs later I found the dark green leaves had turned yellow and crispy.

So… basically I had kept some leaves in my house for a few days while they changed colour. Not really cooking is it? I should have put them in a vase on the table as I might have got some more enjoyment out of them.

Moving on… the mushrooms and onions were snapped up by my husband, (scared that I would ruin perfectly good foodstuffs with my experiments no doubt).

I was left with the celeriac. My little shrunken head!
Well would you want to eat something that looked like that?
The suggested recipe was for a celeriac puree. Essentially Shrunken Head Jam, no thanks.

I did quite fancy trying out the recipe involving white wine as mentioned in the comments on my last veg box post but I wasn’t too sure what to serve it up with. Of course I could have just made soup, but I don’t like soup.

So I decided to use it to make a vegetable mash along with the carrots.

I don’t have a food processor so had to use a trusty hand masher, but after boiling the carrots and celeriac to within an inch of their rooty lives I didn’t have to try too hard to break them down. Still they never really ‘mashed’ smooth, not like potato, they kept a watery chunky quality despite my best efforts (and use of butter and salt).

Still I served it up and so I give you my celeriac and carrot mash:
It tasted like baby food with a dash of Pernod.
I’m not sure I want to try celeriac again. In soup, puree or mash or even in white wine.

I still had to try out one of the suggested recipes and as I was left with loads of spuds decided to attempt Potato Bread.
This involves making a dough out of your boiled then mashed potatoes and some plain flour, butter and salt before rolling out and creating little squares and dry-frying (and you can serve them with marmalade which I am taking as this week’s attempt at a fruit pudding ok?).

So here is some of my dough ready and cut out for frying:
And here is my frying bread:
Look at those poor pathetic scraps being chased around the pan!

It all got a bit smoky in the kitchen and most of the pieces either burnt or ‘scrambled’.
Out of about ten potatoes I got five small edible ‘slices’, all of which tasted like mash.
Maybe I should have just made some mash?
Out of potatoes, not out of celeriac and carrots? I like mashed potato.

Not a massive success this time round but hope springs eternal. So look, here is my new box:

And oh look, another celeriac.


5 Responses to “Veg Box Hell – Number Three”

  1. eyejewesl 21/11/2011 at 8:49 pm #

    I make something I refer to as ‘soup’ but is more a stew, as I just leave the veg in nice hearty chunks. And you have the ingredients for a nice one there – parsnip, apple, celeriac, hey even the carrot and potato would all go in there. Soften an onion in a little oil, chop up and throw in the rest of the ingredients with some vegetable stock [stock cube and water], season to taste. Add some red lentils or chickpeas for a nice hearty winter warmer. Follow up with banana fritters with clementine juice squeezed on and you’re done;-}

    • Alice Can't Cook 23/11/2011 at 2:29 pm #

      Ah thanks for that. All sounds lovely, like a soup stew. Like the thought of using an apple in it too.
      Also I love lentils and chick peas in such things, also pearl barley – remember that?

      And banana fritters… now you’re talking! xx

  2. Tony Hannan 22/11/2011 at 7:48 am #

    I feel your pain re-celeriac. The only way I have found to make this enjoyable is to boil the b’jesus out of it and incorporate it into potato mash. Normal mash with a dash of Pernod. Or you could try grating it, adding flour, salt & pepper and an egg and frying it to make fritters with a dash of pernod? And thank you for the final solution to Kale. Table decoration. It’s all it’s good for (though probably quite effective as a draft excluder to be fair). Could make a banana custard with the bananas (chopped bananas with some custard on) roast the parsnips and then incorporate the apples and tangerines into aforementioned table decoration until just mouldy. Or make fun chunky jewellery. There…

    • Alice Can't Cook 23/11/2011 at 2:32 pm #

      Oh Tony, I am done with Pernod mash.
      Maybe the fritters would work? But yes I really need to sort celeriac out without resorting to soup I won’t eat…

      And yes, Kale, all the hip florists are using it now, hadn’t you heard?

      And if my next veg box post has me sporting carrots and parsnips as chunky jewellery it’ll be YOUR fault!
      Thanks for reading… xx


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    […] celeriac off my hands to make a vegetable curry which meant I didn’t have to deal with the bloody thing again. Praise be, no Pernod flavoured baby mush for me this […]

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