I’m An Eggspert

3 Nov

Following recent posts and fantastic comments from you I decided to revisit a couple of dishes with some hindsight and advice.

You might remember my Not Roasted Vegetables?  Well I tried again with some butternut squash and sweet potato.

It had been suggested that I needed to:

  • steer clear of watery veg
  • use a metal tray
  • not try and cram so many veg in
  • toss in oil and keep the oven hot!

I did honestly do all of that and here are my finished veg:
Well they certainly look ok! Some are even nicely charred.
Sadly they were all stuck to the bottom of the tray and wouldn’t come out! Perhaps more oil next time and would using tinfoil make a difference?
We couldn’t eat these because after scraping out they were little more than mush, skin and metal filings.

Onto an omelette! Now, I don’t do too well with these. (See here for proof) But I do like eating them so had another go, again armed with some helpful comments from my original post.

  • don’t have the oil TOO hot
  • try folding instead of flipping
  • firm up under the grill if the middle is still a bit runny

I decided to make a plain one, dispensing with fiddly fillings!
OK here we go:
I’m not really too sure about this?
It’s more like an egg pancake.
I think I need to use more eggs or a smaller pan?
And unfortunately while taking this picture the underside got burnt.
(Note to self – remember to turn the heat off when pausing for photography)
I did eat it but it was like chewing on a massive wet crisp.

So thank you for all your comments and help so far, see I do take notice of what is said and apply it in the kitchen.

I also like to share the odd success, I don’t have many but it hasn’t been all bad on the egg front this week because I JUST MADE THIS INCREDIBLE FRIED EGG SANDWICH:

I thank you!


5 Responses to “I’m An Eggspert”

  1. Claire 03/11/2011 at 4:21 pm #

    Your veg will stick just as easily with tin foil. More oil might work or use a non stick backing tray.

  2. Luke (@Luke1972) 04/11/2011 at 8:59 am #

    Maybe stirring the vegetables, or even just giving the dish a shake, every 10/15 mins would do the job. Means they’d cook evenly and not stick.

    Omelette needed more eggs or smaller pan for sure. How many eggs did you use? Need 3 for an omelette I’d say. I never turn an omelette, instead cook bottom on medium heat for about 4 mins then whack the pan under a hot grill for few mins to cook the top. Then fold it an serve it.

  3. Alice Can't Cook 04/11/2011 at 3:59 pm #

    Super! Thanks Claire and Luke. When you say it like that it makes perfect sense…

    Thanks for reading xxx


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