Unhappy Birthday Cakes

4 Oct

On my son’s birthday this year I took some amazing cupcakes into nursery.

This is a bit of a ‘thing’. On a child’s birthday it is the ‘thing’ to take in some home-cooked edibles. Preferably something that can be easily eaten at snack time while the other kids sing Happy Birthday and the nursery workers get to compare the mothers cooking ability. (Well that’s what I think happens).

Now, I’ve got form when it comes to cooking birthday treats for my boy and it’s not successful. I wasn’t going to reveal my lack of cake skill to all and sundry, so I decided to fly in the face of tradition and instead of turning up with some sunken, inedible misery made by my own fair hands I became the type of competitive of mother I hate and ordered a massive box of bespoke cupcakes from a local specialist baker (for a ton of cash).

This box of delights was something to behold, colourful, delightful and they smelt and looked delicious. They arrived in my office decorated with his initials and various sweets and ornaments and in an array of flavours to a chorus of delighted oohs and aahs. Amazing. Here they are:

On arrival at nursery on the big day, I handed over the unwieldy massive box and full of shame muttered ‘here’s a little something for birthday tea-time’. The lovely nursery worker took one look inside and nearly exploded ‘Wow, Alice you made these?’ Never for one moment assuming that I hadn’t because that is not the done ‘thing’.

Make those?’ I replied. ‘Sorry, I can’t even make sandwiches’.

She looked at me sadly. I’d done the wrong thing.


5 Responses to “Unhappy Birthday Cakes”

  1. helenadams1 04/10/2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Haha Love this blog so so true!!! BUT that said I am the Mum that genuinely bakes and turns up with a box of cakes looking like the ones above and everyone at the nursery assumed up util recently that I purchased them, That was until I revealed I run a very SMALL baking company from home they then got me into the nursery to do a cupcake decorating class.

    This was blog really made me chuckle thank you!

  2. Alice Cant Cook 05/10/2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Aaaargh – but that’s fabulous. I am incredibly jealous.
    How wonderful, next time I’ll ask you to make them for me?

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting Helen. Great to hear from you.


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