Caribbean Queen

28 Sep

Now we’re sharing the same dream, And our hearts they beat as one, No more love on the run, so sang Billy Ocean in the song of the same name.

But I think he’d have taken one look at my Caribbean cooking and carried on running.

I often like to do ‘themed’ nights and Caribbean night is one of my favourites. I love cooking from the Islands: jerk, plantain, fritters, bell peppers, salsa, stewed beans, peas, coconut rice mmmm. Just seeing all of those words written together makes me want to shake up a Piña Colada.

So I often attempt to replicate Island life by whipping up some blackened chicken, a sweet curry or a Creole style stew. Husband was bemused by this the first time as I happily added tinned pineapple and mango chunks to a bubbling pot saying it was going to be an ‘authentic Caribbean curry’. I’d also been to our local world supermarket to pick up a bottle of Ting (which I love) and some black eyed peas to add to the rice. Of course it was a disaster, it tasted like a fruit pudding spread over a rice pudding.

The second time was worse! I bought some real jerk paste, (even I’m not stupid enough to attempt to make it from scratch) and rubbed the whole, big jar into some chicken legs and popped them into the oven before artfully chopping up some limes and coriander (or cilantro) for garnish. Well, they smelt and looked lovely, hot, black and spicy.  But as we tucked in we soon realised something was wrong, dreadfully, terribly wrong, we were on fire, burning, about to die, probably. Seems my entire jar of hotter than hell paste was meant to be used sparingly, lovingly, not completely used up in one go. Oh!

After we got our taste-buds back – about a week later – I decided that Caribbean Night had to take on a gentler edge. So this is my recent attempt at some easier Fried Chicken.

Here we have drumsticks coated in a spice and flour mix (after dipping in some beaten egg) and cooked in hot oil on top of some chopped onions so I didn’t burn their bottoms (see I can think like a cook sometimes) and served with rice cooked by my husband and peas.

I’m going to mark this one down as a reasonable success. Ok there are some burnt bits but that’s only because I tried to baste which is pointless I realise if you’re trying to make something crispy? And yes it doesn’t look too pretty but it tasted ok and we didn’t need to have a lie down after because our bodies were burning from the inside out.

There’s still a long way to go, and not just to get to the Caribbean…


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